Living in the village entails being part of the community for better or for worse, taking part in the daily life, festivals, leisure time and work life.

The villagers (adults with special needs, mainly learning difficulties) and co-workers create the house communities. There are both small and large houses in the village and one or two “bed sitters”.

Of the 45 people involved in community life, 35 live in the village in the five family houses.

Three of the houses are more traditional family houses, where villagers, volunteers and co-workers with their families live together. Here we live like other families, eating and doing chores together, talk about our interests and do different activities together. We usually end the week with a bible evening. Everyone has their private room, where they can retire when they wish.

Arne Garborgs hus
Lars Hertevigs hus
Christopher Bruuns hus
Fartein Valens hus

An older house (Fartein Valens House), which previously was a family house, functions today as bed sitter and guest house. To replace this we are now building a new, large and modern family house. This will be completed in late 2012




The smallest holuse , Osmondstua, is currently a home for co-workers.