The dairy started in 1987 and since then it has produced many tons of cheese.

Cleanlyness is a virtue to be taken seriously.

There were several years of trial and error. We started with a gouda-recipe, but with time the recipe has been adapted and we now make so called HOGGANVIK-CHEESE. In addition to this we also make a fresh cheese that does not need maturing.

Our cheese is made from organic, non-pasteurized cow's milk. This requires high quality milk and good hygiene of the cheese makers and milkers.

In recent years we have focused on making cheese from March / April and to November / December, this is done in order to avoid having our cheese tasting from silage.

As mentioned before, we make two kinds of cheese. The Hogganvik-cheese has a variety of herbs and spices added and give a great variety of delicious flavours besides our classic "natural" flavour. There is a choice of garlic / basil, red pepper, black pepper and caraway. We often experiment with new flavours; last year we made a sample with walnuts, which became popular at the Christmas market.