The seminar is based on the three series of “Village Lectures” ( Seeds of Social Renewal), given by Karl König from 1962 to 1964 and has as its goal to enable co-workers to carry and develop the ideals and impulses of Camphill with emphasis on the Village impulse as presented by Karl König in these lectures.

Themes for the three years:

  • 1st year: Understanding the human being
  • 2nd year: Understanding the social life
  • 3rd year: The healing impulse of Camphill

The seminar is built on 4 blocks per year, each year being based on one series of these lectures. Homework and preparations given to the students for each block. It is expected that the homework is presented both in written form and as a verbal presentation at the beginning of each block. The student presents the content of each block to their community and, where possible, put it into practice in daily life. Artistic and social exercises are an important part of the seminar and include Eurythmy, Painting, Modelling, Music, Drama and Form Drawing.